At Discover Church we believe in learning together, raising up leaders and empowering others to live a Christ-filled life.  We believe life with Jesus is too good not to be shared or lived to the fullest.


We Believe - in one God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit
We Believe - in Jesus Christ, God's one and only Son, our one and only Savior
We Believe - Jesus lived, died and rose again and now sits at the right hand of God in Heaven
We Believe - the Bible teaches us that we receive God's grace by putting faith in Christ, repenting of sin, confessing to Christ
We Believe -  that the Bible is the inspired word of God
We Believe - in baptism by immersion as an important outward sign of public confession and of commitment to Christ
We Believe - that the Church is the body of Christ on earth, empowered by the Holy Spirit
We Believe - in the Holy Spirit who dwells in each of us
We Believe - we each have gifts given to us by God to serve others

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